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Moveable flood barriers in the Rhine-Meuse estuary

It is possible to reduce flood risk in estuaries without having to drastically modify the river banks by levees or to block shipping routes and ecological flows by dams. ‘Storm surge barriers’ close off a river mouth at times of high sea water levels, but keep the river open during calmer times. ‘Moveable river flood barriers’ direct a river towards less urbanised parts of the delta. It is likely that with climate change and continuing economic growth more of these barriers will be built worldwide. The influential Dutch state commission the ‘Delta Commission’ has adopted an idea by Delft University of Technology to flood-proof the Dutch Rhine-Meuse delta by a number of existing and new moveable barriers. These will direct high water flows in desired directions, particularly at times when a storm at sea coincides with high river discharges. This would create a historically complex system of flood defenses, thus needing thorough modelling and more detailed design to evaluate benefits and costs. 

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27 september 2011
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